Saturday, September 22, 2012

North Royalton has a Ukrainian Gem

Inside Olesia's Place
A gem of a new restaurant has opened up at 11204 Royalton Road in North Royalton.  This American - Ukrainian restaurant and bar offers an upscale dining experience beginning when you walk through the door.  The ambience is warm and inviting with vistas of the outdoors as seen through their glass wall and ceiling.  I must exclaim no expense was spared when Olesia Pochynok chose the dining room chairs-- making her guests comfortable was forefront on her mind.  Olesia’s knowledgeable staff also has your dining experience in mind with courteous service and a sincerity I don’t often encounter.  This is the kind of place you’ll want to make one of your regular night outs. 

Red Borscht
However, regardless of how beautiful the restaurant is or accomplished the staff is, it’s the food that’s going to keep you coming back.  My Ukrainian experience began with a traditional Ukrainian made with beets and root vegetables, Red Borscht.  Finished with a dollop of sour cream, this hot soup was refreshing and hearty.  Throughout the courses served, we enjoyed Ukrainian beer, wine and Russian sparkling wine.  Olesia’s bar is eclectic in the libations they offer; beer, wine, top-shelf liquor and their own infused vodkas.  The next appetizer was perfect with the velvety Obolon beer I was drinking.
Charcuterie Board
A Charcuterie board comprised of 3 meats, 3 cheeses, pickled veggies and toast.  This is one of my favorite ways to eat and included ham, Capicola, grilled kielbasa, Manchego, smoked Gouda and cheddar cheeses and pickled shallots.  This appetizer is the chef’s choice and changes daily.  I admit it, I love beets and our next embellishment brought that flavor front and center!  It begins with salt roasted beets, arugula, goat cheese mousse, orange segments and an olive oil honey drizzle served with it beet vodka martini.  The flavor combination of the goat cheese and beet is a new favorite.  The orange slices really brought a lot to the overall freshness of this salad.  The arugula was the perfect choice of a green to accompany the heartiness of the beet.  The beet martini you’ll have to try for yourself to believe how good it is.

Chicken Crepes

Beet Salad
Our first main course is one of Olesia’s Ukrainian specialties, chicken crepes.  The crepes were light rather than heavy and they were filled with light and dark meat, accentuating the flavor of this special dish.  The white wine mushroom sauce finishes this dish as well as our next, Short Rib Pierogies.  Just like the crepes, the Pierogies were light and allowed the filling to take credit for this phenomenal dish.  The slow braised short rib is tender and its flavor deserving of being Olesia’s favorite.  This is comfort food that sets a new level to comfort and will create a following of customers of anyone who experiences this dish.  This original creation is unique and has a lot of time and TLC invested in order to bring this level of cuisine to the table.  Other items you’ll find on Olesia’s menu include salmon, blackened scallops, grilled rib eye, stuffed cabbage and breaded pork chops.  See a complete menu here.  There’s no doubt that Olesia’s Place has a menu item to delight you and a dining experience that will make you a little bit Ukrainian.
Short Rib Pierogies

We complete our venture with two outstanding raspberry desserts.  First was the homemade Napoleon with raspberry drizzle, a custard filling in a light layered pastry that will become a frequent request.  Then that same fresh raspberry drizzle atop a decadent raspberry cheesecake made an entrance.  Slices of white chocolate and whipped cream adorn this rich and creamy slice of heaven.  Finding Olesia’s Place is easy, look for the tractors on Royalton Road and drive into Ukrainian hospitality.

Raspberry Cheesecake
Olesia's Place
Olesia Pochynok - Owner
11204 Royalton Road
North Royalton, OH 44133
(440) 877-9054

Open Hours
Monday 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tuesday 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday 11:00 AM - 1:30 AM
Saturday 11:00 AM - 1:30 AM
Sunday Open for private parties only

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